Decent work
The graphic is a PSAC image.

Today, October 7, 2017, we mark the 10th anniversary of the World Day for Decent Work. When workers go to work, they must be treated with dignity and respect. It’s unfortunate that in our province the 75,000 workers affected by Bill 148 don’t have much to cheer about. We believe that all workers must have quality jobs, jobs with dignity, equality and you work in a safe working environment. We think that when workers are involved at the workplace and have a real voice in that workplace, they do better.

This year on the 10th anniversary of the World Day for Decent Work Day the focus is on the trade union movement campaigns to win at least a $15 an hour minimum wage for all workers union or not. Yes, of course, we believe that workers deserve a living wage and we will continue to fight for a pay raise for all workers. We need all levels of government to step up to the plate and work with the labour movement to show real leadership on making decent work happen.

We can do better and must do better to ensure the creation of high-quality jobs that are needed by workers on the unemployment line, to defend the underemployed, and to challenge precariously-employed workers. When the Nova Scotia Liberal government imposed so many pieces of anti-worker legislation, the unions fought back in the streets and in the courts to uphold our collective bargaining rights.

  • That is why we are working to look at job creation programs for youth, women, the disabled and in Indigenous communities.
  • That’s why we will continue to stand up for proper funding for high-quality, public, universal, affordable childcare.
  • That’s why we must adopt and ensure a robust and proactive pay equity legislation now.
  • That’s why we are working hard to use all available tools to eliminate discrimination in hiring, better wages and full-time hours.
  • That’s why we are working to get paid sick leave and paid leave for victims of domestic violence.
  • That’s why we are working to raise the issues of violations of migrant worker rights.
  • That’s why we have been building on our work to improve and better protect pensions when employers go bankrupt, like those workers at Sears.

We are working hard to ensure our governments recognize that a decent job is essential to reducing inequality and that we have a minimum wage that allows workers to earn enough to live on! Decent work goes hand in hand with reducing income inequality, and we know that we are not going to reduce income inequality without an increase in decent work.